POP3/SMTP EmailPlugin for Total Commander

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What's new?

February, 21th 2003: Release of version 1.2 with these great new features:

  • Multi-language support (English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Greek, Swedish and Dutch)
  • Installer (for automatic installation)
  • Supports now ISO*, WINDOWS* and KOI* charsets 
  • Define a SMTP Server for each connection/mailbox
  • Input wizard which helps new inexperienced users to enter the connection details
  • Spanish translation is available now (March, 3rd 2003)!
  • Czech translation is available now (March, 3rd 2003)!
  • Catalan translation is available now (March, 14th 2003)!
  • Polish translation is available now (March, 14th 2003)!
  • Hungarian translation is available now (March, 29th 2003)!
  • Danish translation is available now (April, 7th 2003)!
  • Norwegian translation is available now (May, 16th 2003)!
  • Slovakian translation is available now (June, 16th 2003)!
  • Ukrainian translation is available now (November, 29th 2003)!
  • Romanian translation is available now (January, 8th 2006)!
    This plugin (Donationware/Freeware) was written for Christian Ghisler's Total Commander (formerly known as Windows Commander) and enables Total Commander users to use POP3 and SMTP mail services which implies downloading and uploading (sending) of mails as text files (in eml fileformat). There are two different versions available: You can access your mailboxes either with the filesystem- or  the packer plugin.
    We recommend to use the filesystem plugin if you use Total Commander 5.50 or newer! The packer plugin was mainly written for users which use obsoleted Windows Commander versions without filesystem plugin support.
Here are some examples for what the plugin was written for:
  • The plugin allows Outlook and Netscape Messenger users to delete huge unwanted mails directly from the server (recommend for dialup users with slow modem connections)
  • You can compare and search the contents of mails from multiple mailboxes or download all your mails from all mailboxes in one step...
  • If there is no mailclient installed on your computer you can check mails with the plugin in an easy and quick way: Just enter

  • "username:password@mail.domain.com". (and if one mail contains an important attachment it can be decoded with the in Total Commanders built in MimeDecoder).
  • All POP3 (RFC1939) and SMTP (RFC821, RFC1869, RFC2554) commands
  • APOP, SMTP-AUTH Authentication and password encryption
  • Search/compare capabilities
  • Fully compatible to all Windows Commander / Total Commander versions
  • Download
    Installer (recommended):
    POP3Plugin.exe ~536kb (Version 1.2)

    Manual installation:
    POP3Plugin.zip ~292kb (Version 1.2)

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    HTTP SmartBrowserPlugin


    Please use the Installer which performs an automatic installation for you or if you wish to do it maually download the zip archive and follow the installation instructions in the "Readme.txt" file.

    http://www.ghisler.ch (Forum)
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